Our Board

Meet our 2018 Act on A Dream Board!

Everyone below is passionate about immigration reform making a significant difference in the way the current system treats undocumented individuals. Each board member was elected by a group of fellow peers as a capable leader of the struggle for immigration equity.


Laura Veira-Ramirez
Co-Director, '20


I am a Junior in Leverett House currently undecided on my concentration. I was born in Bogota, Colombia but grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut after my family immigrated to the United States when I was three years old. I grew up as one of five undocumented people in my home. I was taught to be ashamed of my immigration status and to keep it a secret. I didn’t like living in the shadows and instead found strength in activism in high school as I started sharing my story. Once in college, I looked for a way to continue my activism and continue motivating others to get involved and find strength in their own stories. Through Act on a Dream, I hope to continue inspiring others to join the movement fighting for the rights of all people affected by the unjust immigration system we live under.

Faves: music, movies, free things, chisme, Bernie, naps


Anshi Moreno Jimenez
Advocacy Co-Chair, 19' She/her/hers

I am a Junior studying Social Studies and Psychology. I have a strong interest in the field of law especially around immigration and Latin America. Since I was born in the small town of Yantzaza, Ecuador and am a first-generation student who is proud of her culture and immigrant family story, bringing more voices and stories to Harvard is important to me. On campus, besides co-directing CAIR, I am the President of Latinas Unidas and on board for the First Generation Student Union. To me, immigration is a human right and believe it is time for comprehensive immigration reform.


Bruno Oswaldo Villegas McCubbiN
Advocacy Co-Chair, ‘19 he/him/his  

I am a Senior in Winthrop House! Originally from Chiclayo, Peru, my family and I immigrated to Garden Grove, California when I was only six. Being undocumented was always a tough thing to live with, but I found faith and empowerment through the perseverance of my parents, along with my friends and teachers that believed in me. Now, in Act on a Dream, I strive to advocate for my fellow undocu+ students, teaching the adults around us about our unique experiences and challenges. Furthermore, I hope to continue using the platform I have been blessed with to further advocate for the larger immigrant community, for our parents and other loved ones who have sacrificed so much. We are all in this together!

Faves: SOCAL!!, jazz, RnB, a cappella, all the Peruvian food, maps, social theory (Kant, Hegel, Marx), long hikes, movies that give me a good cry


Elmer Vivas Portillo
Advocacy Co-Chair, ‘20 he/him/his

I am a sophomore living in Mather House. I plan on studying sociology with a secondary in Latino/a Studies. My parents came to the United States as undocumented immigrants, and although they have now resolved most of their immigration worries, much of my extended family has not. I recognize the privilege I have from the simple fact that I was born in the U.S. and serve as an ally in the fight for immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform could drastically improve the experiences my extended family goes through. As a member of Act on a Dream, I want to help in the expansion and promotion of a safe space for members of our community, as well as help increase conversations and awareness on-campus surrounding immigration.

Faves: cookies, ice cream, water


brenda esqueda 
Community Building Co-Chair, ‘20, she/her/hers

I am a Junior in Leverett House! I will be concentrating in either sociology or anthropology with the education extension. I was born in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, Mexico and I grew up in Nebraska. Fighting the expectation of failure coming from my community, background, and my status, has made me passionate about improving our communities, pushing limits and growing the beauty and strength in the undocu+ community. I am extremely excited to work in reestablishing our Undocu+ mentorship program to help undocu+ students feel that  they truly can surpass barriers with the close community having each other’s back and propelling each other forward. I am also super excited to see Act on a Dream morph and grow as we focus our efforts in intersectionality!!!

Faves: guitar riffs, converse, psychological thrillers, plants, Juno-esque humor, pan flute accompaniments, sunlight and dancing


Emily Romero
Finance anD Development Co-Chair, ‘20, she/her/hers

bio coming soon


Elijah Ezeji-Okoye
Media chair, ‘20, he/him/his

I am a Junior in Lowell House. I am currently undecided on my concentration and secondary, but will likely, meaning surely, choose something from the social sciences.  I am from Watsonville, California, a small town south of San Francisco.  Joining Act on a Dream my freshman fall was my first introduction to immigration reform advocacy, a movement I had only limited exposure to before.  As media chair, I hope to help expand the reach of Act on a Dream, and further its presence on Harvard’s campus.  I am stoked to be part of an organization that seeks to engage with the current political climate, stand up in the face of xenophobia and racism, and offer a welcoming environment and valuable resources to students in the Undocu+ community.

Faves: Northern California, surfing, swimming, coffee, sugar, music, and puns


Diego Navarrete, Communications Co-Chair, ‘21 he/him/his

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Sofia Colome Shapiro, Tech Chair, ‘19 She/hEr/hErs

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Ruben Reyes, Social Co-Chair, ‘19 He/Him/His

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Maribel Nava
Advocacy Co-Chair, ‘20, she/her/hers

I’m a sophomore in Lowell House! I am still undecided on my concentration but am considering the social sciences and the ethnicity, migration and rights secondary. I was born in Houston Texas to two hard working Mexican immigrants. As a member of a mixed status family, immigration has always affected my life. I joined Act on a Dream to serve the immigrant community on and off campus and to help be a voice for immigrants like my parents. I am excited to serve as a community building director and help run the Undocu+ Mentorship program, a program that pairs undocumented,DACAmented, and mixed status families first year students with undocumented,DACAmented, and mixed status families  upperclassmen. When our community unites, amazing things can happen!

Faves: tacos, Jane the Virgin, horchata, colorful walls, french toast, cowboy boots


Ina Kodra
Finance anD Development Co-Chair, ‘19 she/her/hers

bio coming soon


Araceli Marcial
Communications Co-Chair, ‘21 She/hEr/hERs

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Nadeen Odeh, Intersectionality Co-CHAIR, ‘20, She/her/hers

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Melisa Santizo, External Affairs Chair, She/hEr/hErs

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Karla Mendoza, Social Co-Chair, ‘18 She/hEr/hErs

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