Our Board

Meet our 2019 Act on A Dream Board!

Everyone below is passionate about immigration reform making a significant difference in the way the current system treats undocumented individuals. Each board member was elected by a group of fellow peers as a capable leader of the struggle for immigration equity.


Emily Romero
Co-Director, '21


Hi! My name is Emily and I am studying History and Literature and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I was born in Peru, but raised in Connecticut. I love eating Peruvian food and watching reality tv. As a DACA recipient, immigration has always affected me and I am no longer going to be a bystander. I will be active, present and energetic in the movement for immigration reform, and we will win.


Mariana De Leon Dominguez
Advocacy Co-Chair, ‘21


Hi! My name is Mariana De Leon and I a current sophomore in Eliot House concentrating in History and Literature. I was born in Jalisco, Mexico but have spent the past 18 years of my life in the beautiful state of California. I love being involved here at Harvard so aside from being a proud member of Act on a Dream, I am also involved in the Catholic Student Association, Raza, and EVkids. I am passionate about immigration law, helping domestic violence survivors and law, three different areas that led me to spend my past summer working at a non-profit organization that provides legal aid for gender violence survivors called Sanctuary for Families. Come say hi if you see me around!


Diego Navarrete
Co-Director, ‘21


Hi, my name is Diego! I am a sophomore studying Government with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, & Rights. I was born in Juárez, México but live in Detroit, Michigan. I am so excited to be one of your Co-Directors this year along with Emily. Act On a Dream will spend the year highlighting the intersectionality within the larger immigrant community, building coalitions with other activist organizations, and fighting against the “DREAMer” narrative.


Daniela Castro
Advocacy Co-Chair, ‘22


Hi! My name is Daniela Castro and I am an undergraduate student representing Harvard College’s class of 2022. I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and immigrated to the United States at the age of two.


Ximena Morales
Community Building Co-Chair, ‘22


[bio coming soon]


Farah Afify
Intersectionality Co-Chair, ‘22


Hi! My name's Farah, and I am a first-year living in Pennypacker. I was born just outside of Cairo, Egypt but have lived most of my life in metropolitan Detroit after my family immigrated to the United States. After 15 years of living here and several near-deportations, we received our citizenship through the Diversity Visa Lottery, a path currently under attack by the Trump administration. Though my family and I have managed to obtain our citizenship, many of my close friends and family members still struggle, especially as this country becomes more and more hostile to immigrants and refugees. As a citizen, I recognize the privilege I hold and plan to be an ally to the immigrant community both on and off campus. I am also determined to use my platform with Act on a Dream to elevate the diverse stories of those struggling due to the lack of comprehensive immigration reform.


jesus estrada
External Affairs Co-chair, ‘22


Current First-Year student from Clifton, NJ intending to study social studies with a focus in immigration. Interested in art, music, and all topics concerning immigration.


James Garavito Historian ‘22


Hello! I’m a first-year living in Canaday hall planning to concentrate in Neurobiology on a Pre-Med track. My parents are from Armenia, Colombia and they raised me in Dover, New Jersey. I enjoy taking pictures of anything that catches my eye, discovering new music, and drinking coffee. Having grown up in a mixed-status household, the topic of immigration has been an important issue in my life. I am particularly interested in breaking down the barriers that prevent undocumented people from accessing health care. Being a part of Act on a Dream has allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions about immigration reform and to participate in demonstrations that spread the organization’s message.


Maribel Nava Finance and development Chair, ‘20


I’m a Junior in Lowell House! I'm concentrating in Sociology and pursuing a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration and Rights. I call the wonderful city of Houston, Texas home. As a member of a mixed status family, immigration has always been an integral aspect of my life. I joined Act on a Dream to serve the immigrant community on and off campus and to help be a voice for immigrants like my parents. Act on a Dream has become a second family and constant source of support during difficult times. I am looking forward to continuing the resistance movement and advocating for the rights of all immigrants.


Ilham Ali
Community Building Co-Chair, ‘21


I’m a sophomore from Khartoum, Sudan. I’m a huge fan of R&B music and memes and love spending time with family and friends chatting and dancing. Growing up, I was always surrounded with talk about constitutional rights because my mother was a lawyer. As my sister and I went to college in the US, we became faced with repression based on our status as “non-resident aliens”, especially from a country that is deeply opposed to and sanctioned by the US. In 2017, Trump’s travel ban tormented my family. Being in this environment and shaped by these experiences made me adamant on upholding constitutional rights back home and improving the quality of life as well as preserving the rights of non-US citizens in the US.


Leo Garcia
Intersectionality Co-Chair, ‘21


I was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Houston, TX. I plan to study Sociology and am an aspiring physician. I am heavily involved on campus in a variety of activities ranging from research to theatre. I am Programming Chair for PBHA, a Diversity Peer Educator and Finance Chair for Eleganza. Feel free to talk to me about Gaga, movies, music, and pop culture more generally. Also, I am so passionate about my dogs and can talk about them for ages.

DSC_0503 (1).JPG

Sammantha Garcia
External Affairs Co-Chair, ‘22


I am a current first-year interested in studying Sociology with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights. I identify as a first-generation, low-income, Latina from South Texas. My interests include advocacy for these communities, Funko Pops, and rap music. This year I hope to build a community with local Boston high schools as External Affairs Co-Chair.

DSC_0409 (1).JPG

Oswaldo Ambrosio Media, TEch, and communications CHAIR, ‘22


I am a first-year living in Apley Court with a potential concentration in either Government or History. Originally from Mexico, my family and I immigrated to Grinnell, Iowa when I was five years old. Act on a Dream has been such a wonderful and welcoming community where I can explore my identity as an immigrant and advocate for moral and just immigration reform. As Media, Tech, and Communications Chair, I am excited to share Act on a Dream's message throughout the Harvard Community and throughout the world!


Ela Chavez Social Chair, ‘21


I'm a sophomore living in Pfoho and concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience & Developmental Psychology with a Secondary in Studio Arts. I grew up in San Diego, California and around the border town of Calexico. This is my first time on AOD board, but immigration has always been present in my life due to my family and community backgrounds growing up, so I'm super excited to become more involved in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. As social chair, I hope to grow AOD as an inclusive space for the community to come together. I also take pictures and make videos, and I'm interested in exploring the intersection of art and immigration reform advocacy.