Since 2008, we have been the premier immigrants' rights advocacy group at
Harvard University.


Our Mission

Act on a Dream is a student-led, student-run organization at Harvard College focused on eradicating the barriers that Undocu+ students (undocumented, DACA, mixed status family, and other immigrant) face in realizing their full potential.

We do this by three ways:

  1. Advocating for legislative measures like comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act
  2. Building a community on campus that welcomes all immigrants
  3. Working with Harvard administration for undocumented student resources.

with support, We've Achieved

  • Founding the CAIR Conference (Collegiate Alliance for Immigration Reform)
  • Hiring of a full-time
    immigration lawyer & social worker for students
  • First Harvard dedicated website for undocu+ students
  • The Harvard administration-led Undocumented Student Working Group (USWG)
  • Numerous trainings of staff and administrators
  • Largest Undocu+ representation at first-year events
photography by Mattea Mrkusic