Since 2008, we have been the premier immigrants' rights advocacy group at
Harvard University.


Our Mission

Act on a Dream is a student-led, student-run organization at Harvard College focused on supporting and advocating for the immigrant community on campus and beyond.

We have four pillars:

  1. Advocating for legislative measures like comprehensive immigration reform and the abolishment of ICE.

  2. Building a community on campus that welcomes all migrants.

  3. Pushing Harvard administrators to increase support for all undocumented students, TPS workers, and other members of our community.

  4. Engaging in service to help the larger undocumented community.


with support, We've Achieved

  • Founding the CAIR Conference (Collegiate Alliance for Immigration Reform)

  • Hiring of a full-time
    immigration lawyer & social worker for students

  • First Harvard dedicated website for undocumented students

  • The Harvard administration-led Undocumented Student Working Group (USWG)

  • Numerous trainings of staff and administrators

  • The inaugural UndocuGraduation ceremony in 2019.

photography by Mattea Mrkusic